Eachnight.com a Scam or Legit?

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What is Eachnight.com

Eachnight.com is a comprehensive website that focuses on providing diverse information related to sleep health and sleep products. The website provides useful tips and advice on how to achieve better sleep, maintain healthy sleep habits, and improve overall sleep quality.

Eachnight.com is a reliable source of information for people looking to improve their sleep hygiene. The website offers insights on various topics such as the benefits of good sleep hygiene, how to create a sleep-conducive environment, sleep disorders, and sleep product reviews.

One of the unique features of Eachnight.com is that it provides detailed product reviews of various sleep-related products such as mattresses, pillows, and sleep gadgets. The website provides comprehensive reviews that include pros and cons, price points, and buying guides.

The website also features user reviews and feedback on the products, providing potential customers with real-life experiences of the products they are interested in purchasing.

Nap Reviewers

Do you love sleeping? Do you wish you could get paid for it? Well, now you can! Eachnight, a website that reviews mattresses and provides sleeping tips, is hiring a team of five people to become “nap reviewers” and will pay them $1,500 (£1,061) each.

The job requires committing to napping every day for 30 days and testing different nap durations and their effects on feeling refreshed and reducing fatigue.

To apply, you must have strong English writing skills and be able to sleep alone during the testing period. If you’re interested, fill out the application form and explain why you’d make an excellent “nap reviewer.” Sleep Junkie is also hiring an “official mattress tester” for $3,000 (£2,121) to provide honest advice on top-rated mattresses in the US.

Is Eachnight.com a Scam?

As a user, you may want to know if the site is safe to use, if its content is verified externally, and how the site makes money.

Here is a closer look at each of these areas.

Site Safety

Eachnight.com has an SSL certificate, which means that your connection to the site is secure. This certificate encrypts any data you exchange with the site, such as your email address if you sign up for their newsletter.

The site does not require any personal information to access its content, so there is no need to worry about data breaches.

You can check SSL Eachnight.com in here

External Verification

Eachnight.com’s content is reviewed by external sources to ensure accuracy and impartiality. The site has an editorial team that vets all information published on the site to ensure that it is accurate, up-to-date, and backed by scientific research.

The site also cites sources of information to ensure that readers can verify the information provided. The site is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means that it earns a commission from purchases made through links to Amazon.com.


Eachnight.com’s website is user-friendly, with a clear layout and easy-to-read fonts.

The articles are concise, with subheadings and bullet points, making them easy to scan.

The site also includes images and videos that help to illustrate the content and make it more engaging.


Eachnight.com earns revenue through the Amazon Associates Program, where they earn a commission on purchases made through their affiliate links to Amazon.com.

The site also earns revenue through sponsored content and advertising. Sponsored content is content paid for by a third party, while advertising is displayed on the site in the form of banners or pop-ups.


Can I get paid for sleeping?

Yes, Eachnight.com is really Hired Nap Reviewers.

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